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Posted by on Jan 27, 2013 in Life | 2 comments

A Very Inspiring Book by Sheila Bridges

© Pointed Leaf Press

© Pointed Leaf Press

I remember the first time I saw a picture of interior designer Sheila Bridges when she was bald. She was on the cover of Elle Décor magazine, charming and lovely as always, standing next to her living room fireplace and wearing a beautiful turquoise dress. I almost didn’t recognize her.

In the article that featured her renovated apartment in Harlem, Ms. Bridges shared that she began losing her hair in 2004 because of an autoimmune disorder known as alopecia. And since then, she has tried to be as visible as possible as a role model. I have spent my professional life focused on beauty. A personal transformation made me redefine what beauty is.

The Bald Mermaid, A Memoir by Sheila Bridges, is a story of coming to terms with what success and happiness mean to her, realizing the cost of independence, and understanding what it means to stay true to herself in the face of judgment, criticism, and expectation from family, friends, lovers, and strangers. Beautifully illustrated with personal photographs and images of Bridges’ interior designs, The Bald Mermaid is a delightfully candid, insightful, and often humorous narrative of Bridges’ ups and downs, and how she ultimately found balance and peace in her multi-layered life.

Sheila Bridges founded her own interior design firm, Sheila Bridges Design, Inc., in New York in 1994, and has since created amazing residences and offices for a host of prominent entertainers, entrepreneurs and business professionals, including the 8,300 square-foot Harlem offices for former President Bill Clinton and his staff. And for four years she hosted Sheila Bridges Designer Living for the FINE LIVING Network.

She is the epitome of true vision, purpose and beauty, inside and out.

The Bald Mermaid, A Memoir by Sheila Bridges will be available this spring from Pointed Leaf Press.


  1. I am so touched by her story. I am a Writer of a newsletter targeting Women of Color, I GOT ALL MY SISTERS WITH ME! and this very topic was shown in an article in Dec 2012 issue, after I too decided to accept the person that i am. With that bold step came a Beauty i hid inside and a very proud Black Woman that the world could witness. Also, with it came, criticism and speculation that i had cancer or was bisexual. I even received criticism on the job in a mild way. I later decided to change my looks with weave to help others with accepting my presence on the job and in my family. It is a bold step and those that decide to STAND and BE WHO THEY ARE will experience an uplifting feeling and be a blessing to the other Women that Want to do the same. Several Black Women congratulated me for my stand & so i want to do the same to Ms. Bridges. This is a BLACK GIRL ROCK statement! Love her. KEEP STANDING Ms. Bridges. BE YOU! “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”. (PEACE) I Got All My Sisters With Me! Network newsletter

    • Awesome ,wonderful and deserving of your beauty .

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