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Posted by on Apr 26, 2015 in Strictly Musings | 2 comments

Will This Scale?

Silhouettes of Business People in a Row Working

There are many great takeaways here. Personally, I have found great success with #6.

The Washington Post blog, Wonkblog, cites that Americans hold about 11 million meetings a day on average, and employees say that about 1/3 of that time is just unproductive.

While your company might not be making any real progress in a given meeting, you can always use it as an opportunity to remind everyone how smart and important you are!

Just in time for your Monday meetings, here are 10 of the best ways to do that, by way of the ever-popular Infographic. Sarah Cooper created this one (click here for a ginormous view that’s easier to read) and lots more at The Cooper Review.

©The Cooper Review
©The Cooper Review

Source: The Cooper Review via Washington Post Wonkblog


  1. When people want to meet with me I always ask: what are the three things you seek to accomplish by our meeting? There’s usually a brief silence before the answer. Some answers come with a sense of uncertainty, others with numerous ohms and a few with the very question “why are you asking me that?”

    If I allowed it I could fill 4 out of my 5 days with meeting so if I don’t get three tangibles reasons that I cannot accomplish via a phone call. I’m not meeting. I’ll share my reasons & premise when I decline to meet. Some appreciate the reason and a few don’t. In short productive people couldn’t agree more and unproductive people are offended, go figure. This has helped me to not only accomplish a lot, it’s rewarded me with working with amazing truly talented people. And when I do meet with clients I’ve done work for but never met, it’s because I invited them to a networking event I think they’d benefit from. Or one of my own networking dinners I form that allows for 3/4 clients who I think have a synergy who should meet & I get to meet them too.

    • Asking that question prompts the clarity that’s so important. Your success is a testament to that. And hey, three thumbs up for the networking you consistently do! Very inspiring!

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