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Posted by on Feb 5, 2012 in Strictly Musings | 2 comments

The New or Simply the Real

This picture was taken during a Saturday brunch recently. That large Bloody Mary is likely a dead giveaway, but nonetheless …

You’ll notice that I’m using my hands to describe something. No, not that, ladies. I’m describing the size of the curlers that were used in my hair. See, I got a new style that Saturday morning. Curly hair. A complete 180 (or is it a 360?) compared to the ‘do I’ve been sporting these many years and why my hair feels brand spanking new. It’s looking a tad springy on the tip top, but by now I’ve learned how to work it.

What surprised the heck out of me was that from the minute I saw my reflection in the mirror, I had a finally-someone-unzipped-the-alien-suit-and-now-I-can-breathe moment. It was me. Not new. Real. Finally. And all I can say is my life has not been the same. Talk about a major shift in perspective, all due to a minor change like a new hairstyle. Who knew that in the grand scheme of things a new ‘do could recalibrate one’s mental machinery so much and so quickly? I’m easier (in a good way), more laid back, more carefree. Just like my hair. Hi, Leisa.


  1. Awesome post. I am inspired to change my ‘do!

  2. Hi Leisa. Just wanted to clarify, the term is “complete 180”. 360 degrees would bring you right back to where you started. Take care! Lovin’ the site!

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