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Posted by on Apr 26, 2014 in Featured, Life | 4 comments

Coming to America

Monika Growing up near Warsaw during the late 1970s, Monika Gmochowska remembers when  tanks rolled through her town one afternoon. She was in second grade.

Within hours, military presence was everywhere. Schools closed, and in the following  days, numerous protests and demonstrations were held all over town. Heady stuff for a five-year-old to process.

Monika said the experience shaped part of her character. During the period of time we worked together, I came to know her personable and practical sensibilities: whatever she has to tackle, she makes it work and work well; she will have a solid contingency plan or two; she is always available to help; her rule of thumb is to never take anything for granted.

“You work with what you have.”

That’s what Monika did when she came to America at age 11.

36 Hours in Warsaw

A multitude of cultural events, historic sites and natural environments bring an estimated 12 million tourists to the 69th largest country in the world each year. If you go, there are a few places Ms. G. highly recommends putting on your list —

Lazienki Pałace, Warsaw

Willanow Palace, Warsaw

WWII Uprising Museum, Warsaw

The beautiful city of Krakow

What’s your story? When did you move to the States, and from what country? Chances are you’ve had an interesting journey so far. Chime in. Share it!

Video Editor & Sound Engineer: Stan Ilchev


  1. So interesting!

    • She is indeed!

  2. I just tried Paczki. Tell Monika thanks for the tip. Delicious!

    • You’re tellin’ me — I can’t get enough of it!

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